The number of restaurants focusing in Chicken dishes in Hanoi is large, however, Kampong Chicken House stands out from the rest due to the undoubted quality. The selection of dishes are various and creative, from the appetizers to main dishes and dessert. The origin of chicken is also carefully selected in order to bring the best taste to the customers.

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Background History

Founded in April 2015, Kampong Chicken House has been labelled as the pioneer restaurant serving Hainan Chicken Rice with the Singaporean flavor adjustments. “From the farm to the table”is the slogan indicating the freshness and organic of Kampong Chicken House ingredients.
With a bright and balance design, adding up with the non-smoking regulation, Kampong Chicken House can be named in everyone’s favorite list and party, able to contain 200 people.

Operation Scale.

In 2015, the first restaurant located on 107th Lo Duc street, Kampong Chicken House rapidly expand to 5 restaurant at the moment and the number is still growing.
Each restaurant is able to contain around 100 to 250 customers, located in easy access places.

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Signature dishes from Kampong Chicken House

Beside the famous Hainan Chicken Rice, Kampong Chicken House also introduces nearly mouth-watering 200 dishes as Kampong Salad, Chicken Feet Salad,...

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SUPPORT : 0835935555


1. 107 LÒ ĐÚC, HAI BÀ TRƯNG, HÀ NỘI - 024.3987.5555

2. 16 ĐÀO TẤN, BA ĐÌNH, HÀ NỘI - 024.3672.5555

3. N5D HOÀNG ĐẠO THÚY, THANH XUÂN, HÀ NỘI - 024.2211.5555

4. 12 PHẠM NGỌC THẠCH, ĐỐNG ĐA, HÀ NỘI - 24.3234.5555

5. TT8, SỐ 9 NGUYỄN HOÀNG, NAM TỪ LIÊM, HÀ NỘI - 24.2219.5555