The origin of COCA renowned authentic taste dates back to 1957 and a 20-seat Cantonese restaurant.
Founded by Mr. Srichai Phanphensophon and his wife, Mrs. Patama, the restaurant gained immediate success and they moved to a nearby location on Soi Tantawan where it expanded to 150 seats and suki style cooking was introduced, hence born the first COCA Restaurant in Thailand.
This ‘new' adaptation of suki pioneered by COCA has since made COCA a well known name among suki lovers locally and internationally.Appetizing = C-O-C-A The name COCA derived from Mandarin is “Kekou” which means “appetizing”. It can be easily pronounced and recognized by Thais, Chinese, Japanese and even Westerners.

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Background History

Before the first location in Hanoi, Coca restaurant has a solid 60-year background and Coca locations are over 20 countries. Officially introduced in April, 2017, Coca Restaurant Hanoi located in 75th Lang Ha street, has been widely favored for delivering authentic Thai flavor dishes with fresh and organic ingredients. Coca Restaurant Hanoi has been following the quote: “We serve our customers what we cook for our own family”

Operation Scale.

Coca Restaurant on 75th Lang Ha street can contain approximately 200 customers.
Coca Restaurant exterior and interior are Thai culture-inspired, from the image of signature Thai Pagoda to modern Thai architecture. Every detail inside the restaurant represent for the beautiful Thailand.
Come to Coca Restaurant, our customer would be overwhelmed with the numerous Bangkok signature dishes, impressed by the authentic Thai flavor from the taste to decoration from our talented and heart-burning chef.

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Signature dishes from COCA Restaurant

In Coca Restaurant Hanoi, our customer would fully experience the traditional Thai masterpiece like Mango salad, Steamed fish with lemon or even modernized cuisine as Curry Crab, Fish spring rolls

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